Goosebumps Timeline Edit

So Lets Get Started With This Theory On Bad Hair Day And Night Of The Living Dummy In The Book "Return To Horrorland" Amazo Appears Even Ross From Monster Blood Appears And Slappy Appears On The Cover Of The Book Which Got Me Thinking Do All The Monsters From All The Books Live In The Same Universe Like In The Goosebumps Movie All The Monsters Were In The Same Universe At The Same Place Which Proves My Theory And Im Not Sure If The Mask From The Haunted Mask Appears In One Of The Night Of The Living Dummy Books Like In The Tv Episode "Shocker on shock street" We See the heads from the first tv show "The Haunted Mask" Which must mean they must live in the same universe and thats not all in the episode one of the creeps from "Calling All Creeps" Appears In The Episode As Well Which Must Mean they live in the same universe now how does the haunted car fit in in the goosebumps movie we see slappy driving the haunted car which means all the monsters live in the same universe in some way or another And The vampire from vampire breath also appears in the movie so does the praying mantis and the graveyard ghouls which proves my theory and even the blob from the blob that ate everything appears at the circus scene even we see the surkeien head from how i got my surkien head also appears which proves my theory so yeah its proof that my theory is true it shows it in the goosebumps movie as well dont belive me well see the high school scene right below me.

Goosebumps Movie CLIP - Charge (2015) - Jack Black Movie HD00:26

Goosebumps Movie CLIP - Charge (2015) - Jack Black Movie HD

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